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PassengerSafe Code & Audit

As of 2022 there are 1,542 Large Public Service Vehicles (LPSVs) licenced operators in Ireland with a total of 12,022 coaches and buses in the fleet. Driving, whether for business or pleasure, is becoming more stressful year on year. The increasing volume of both vehicles on the road and regulations that need to be observed make life more and more difficult for the professional bus driver. There are growing regulatory obligations on Commercial Fleet operators to maintain the highest standards of safety and roadworthiness of vehicles and put the welfare and safety of drivers to the fore. This is evidenced by Health and Safety Legislation, the commercial vehicles roadworthiness act 2013 and EU regulations on tachograph (EU 165/2014) and working time (EU 561/2006). The bottom line is that evidence of effective management of drivers and the roadworthiness of commercial vehicles is of paramount importance. The Passangersafe standard aims to recognise those coach and bus fleet operators that meet the minimum legal requirements in how they manage these issues. It recognises good operations through certification on an annual basis and serves to provide competitive advantage at procurement and peace of mind to customers.

What does the audit cover?

The operator must provide the auditor with evidence that the PassengerSafe standards are being met and the auditor also looks for evidence of non-compliance.

The follow areas are covered in the annual audit:

Audit Process

This is a risk management programme