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Tachograph Analysis


Tachograph Analysis

Our Tachograph Services provide you with a complete bespoke solution to support you in managing and improving your compliance with drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations, offering tailored Tachograph Analysis

What Is Tachograph Analysis?

We analyse over 20 million analogue and digital drivers’ records each year, providing detailed reports highlighting areas for development and giving you immediate access to infringements. FTA’s tachograph analysis also allows for meaningful benchmarking, not only for your own company but for sector and industry too.

Why Choose FTA's Tachograph Services?

Value for money

significant savings for members on the price of our public courses.


on-site training eliminates the need for expenditure and time allowances for staff travel

High standards

with our expert trainers using their wealth of experience to tailor courses to your company needs and requirements.


FTA Ireland’s Quality Assurance (QA) processes ensure standardised delivery across Ireland – crucial for evaluating training effectiveness and promoting excellence


through an element of content control increases relevancy and alignment with your systems and policies, and the option to bespoke training to match your business objectives.

How Does It Work?

Simply upload your digital records to Vision and your data will be analysed immediately by our in-house rules engine. The system will instantly pin-point where infringements have occurred, enabling easy interpretation and prompt rectification using our online debrief feature.

If you also have analogue tachograph records, simply submit them to our analysis bureau and our team of advisers will analyse and interpret your data, combining with digital records to produce a seamless report, providing you with one simple management overview in Vision.

You can upload your digital tachograph data via a wide range of digital solutions including remote products, such as the Digipostpro and Digifobpro, or using our cutting-edge tachograph analysis software with the FTA Uploader.

Benefits Of Tachograph Analysis


A single view of your compliance not only saves time but provides savings where you may have been using multiple systems to gain management information.


Vision is the leading driver and fleet compliance platform, developed by the industry experts in compliance.


Users can benchmark data both internally and externally, across multiple locations and peer groups – making it easy to identify where savings can be made, or performance improved.


Achieve transparency by bringing your data sources into one dashboard. Vision’s intuitive user interface and powerful analytics tools make it faster and easier than ever to manage, control and analyse all your compliance data, from whatever source.

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Tachograph Services Offered

Tachograph Analysis

Our Tachograph analysis provides detailed reports highlighting areas for development. It also gives you immediate access to infringements and allows for meaningful benchmarking, not only for your own company but for sector and industry too.

Tachograph On-site Compliance Service

Our on-site compliance service reduces cost, relieves workload and ensures you stay compliant with the latest tachograph regulations.

Tachograph Contract Management

Our Tachograph Services can provide contract management who can assist with the set up and roll out of Vision throughout your organisation but also ensure that company policies and best practices are implemented to ensure a consistent standard of operations and reporting.